Health tourism in the Algarve has progressed tremendously in recent years. You can choose from a varied range of modern healthcare facilities with internationally certified equipment.

The Algarve is a destination appreciated by all thanks to the quality of its waters, the sunshine and year-round pleasant temperatures, the healthy Mediterranean cuisine, and the unique conditions for the sport. And this is also true for those who choose to take advantage of the healthcare services offered and come here to undergo surgery or to convalesce. To ensure you can focus only on your medical treatments and leave all other concerns aside, you will find inclusive health tourism packages in the Algarve for pre-and post-operative and outpatient care. This means you can combine all your therapeutic needs with a tourism experience in one of the safest countries in the world.

And since you would ideally be accompanied by a friend or relative while you recover in the medium or long term, the Algarve offers many different attractions to keep your companions busy in a magnificent scenario that combines beach, countryside, and city. Take of yourself while you rest and recover in attractive and peaceful surroundings, with the sun that shines all year round and contributes to your recovery.

Visa Requirements
Visa is not needed for EU citizens and other selected countries. Please visit: https://vistos.mne.gov.pt/en/short-stay-visas-schengen/required-documentation/short-stay-visa
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Portuguese | English | French | German | Spanish
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In the Healthcare area Portugal inspires confidence and is increasingly sought after. Portuguese medical and rehabilitation care is an alternative with an excellent value for money.


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