Medical and Wellness Tourism in Portugal. Why is Portugal the Best Place for Medical Tourism?


Let’s GO understand better why Portugal is considered one of the best countries for medical tourism. 

Medical and Wellness Tourism in Portugal

The emerging medical, health, and wellness tourism sector is based on the quality of medical services offered in Portugal, combined with the unique characteristics of the country, such as diversified and excellent cuisine, good weather conditions, tourist cities, hospitality, millenary history, and culture, among others. Under the World Health Organization’s ranking of healthcare systems, Portugal takes 12th place. In fact, Portugal has, in recent years, become more popular for medical and health tourism. Medical tourism in Portugal is attractive to those coming from too many countries. Portugal offers an excellent value-for-money alternative, with significant savings of around 75% compared with the origin countries.

Portugal is a unique place with a distinctive soul! Once again it was considered leading destination in Europe and one of the best in the world. 

Why Portugal?

Health professionals in Portugal are at the best level in the world, they have the training, the equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. For many Health Travelers, Portuguese health care is an excellent value for their money when compared to their countries of origin.
Portuguese health services are regularly evaluated by independent organizations with a network of internationally credited hospitals and clinics, certifying the quality of the services provided.
Health care in Portugal is at the highest international standards, allowing in recent years a sharp growth of Medical and Health Tourism. Choosing Portugal is being assured of the trustworthiness in the existing offer, the diagnosis, the therapeutics, the skills of the health technicians, and the care provided by a modern network of hospitals and clinics that covers the whole country.

Medical and Health Tourism in Portugal is also a synonym of tranquillity and safety. Portugal has a selection of excellence in all aspects of tourism:

  • Great supply of hotel facilities;
    From luxurious 5-star resorts to charismatic guesthouses
  • Unique thermal treatments
    Thermal spas with a large supply of therapies are non-existent in other countries
  • Unique climate
    Mild weather all year round
  • Memorable scenic landscapes
    Breathtaking from north to south of the country
  • High-quality and competitive health system
    Top in the world rankings 


Why is Portugal the best place for medical tourism?

Portugal has a quality medical system that is regularly analyzed by independent organizations and has been recognized internationally in important medical matters such as neuroscience and oncology. The Portuguese healthcare system is very good and offers excellent equipment and professionals.

The main reasons Portugal is a good place for medical tourism are:

  • Internationally recognized healthcare professionals and Portuguese doctors awarded
    – Egas Moniz – Medicine Nobel Prize, Lobotomy
    – Odette Santos-Ferreira – Instituto Pasteur de Paris , VIH
    – João Rodrigues Pena – Cambridge, liver transplant
    – João Lobo Antunes – Europa do World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies; Neuroscience
    – Manuel Sobrinho Simões – Norsk HydroŽs Institute for Cancer Research, Molecular
    – Fernando Pádua – Harvard University, Cardiology
    – João de Deus – Oftalmoloy
  • The hospitals are modern, comfortable, and continuously improving and expanding their clinical capabilities so that quality care and satisfaction with medical services among the population is always increasing;
  • Portugal is a tourist destination where safety, adventure, discovery, hospitality, gastronomy, history, and sunshine come together to produce an amazing experience;
  • Portugal is an award-winning tourist destination, which includes World’s Leading Destination 2019 and Europe’s Leading Tourism Destination 2022;
  • Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe with such passionate people, a warm climate, and huge diversity in the landscape;
  • With more than 3.000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 km of splendid beaches, Portugal is the perfect destination to enjoy unique and sometimes of the path life-changing experiences. 


Top Medical Treatments in Portugal

  • Oncology: Portugal offers excellent cancer treatment with great palliative care;
  • Fertility treatments: IVF is available to all at a more affordable price than in other countries;
  • Dental Care: dental care in Portugal is some of the best in the world, ranking 5th in the 2020 Healthiest Teeth Index. It is also a lot more affordable. For example, teeth whitening costs around 200€, braces start at 800€ and implants 900€;
  • Cosmetic & Plastic surgery: Portugal offers high-quality cosmetic and plastic surgery at an affordable price. While breast augmentation in the US can cost around 10.000€, in Portugal, it costs around 4.000€.
  • Hair transplant: Portugal has highly certified and specialized clinics that offer solutions to all kind of hair problems, combining quality with the most advanced treatments and technologies at an affordable cost.

Now that you are aware of everything Portugal has to offer, seize the de day to take care of your health, well-being, and appearance while enjoying the best that Portugal has to offer. 

Let’s GO Celebrate a Healthier Life Together!